Chris Leavens creates story-rich artwork, surreal landscapes filled with bizarre monsters and fantastical characters. Heavily inspired by the outdoors, Chris bends the beauty of the natural world through a prism of humor and absurdity, resulting in whimsically-twisted, highly-imaginative images. He uses a variety of media to create his work, but he's best known for his colorful, detailed vector illustrations. His art has appeared in art galleries, computer games, books, magazines, TV shows, and feature films and he's written contributions for numerous vector-art publications, including Sharon Streuer's excellent "Adobe Illustrator CS5 Wow! Book".

Chris is currently an art director at Disney Learning.


Chris was born and raised in Pennsylvania. He breezed through school and passed a good deal of time doodling, drawing robots, spaceships, and bizarre creatures. As long as the letter "A" kept showing up on his papers, Chris's teachers didn't really seem to care.

He continued both his education and his doodling at Penn State University, where he graduated with a BA in film and video. A few months after graduating, Chris migrated west to Los Angeles in search of work in the film industry. Many adventures followed, including a brief career as a video editor and motion graphics designer, as well as his directorial debut, I Don't Know Jack, a feature documentary about Jack Nance, star of David Lynch's Eraserhead.

Chris decided to take a break from the film biz and began working as an illustrator, graphic designer, and web designer. This "break" has more than outlived Chris's Hollywood career and continues to this day. Chris currently lives in the foothills of Los Angeles, CA with his wife and their daughter and son.


If you're interested in exhibiting Chris's artwork in your gallery or space, or if you'd like to commission him for an illustration job or an original piece of artwork, feel free to contact him.